Wounded Karachi; The City of Lights now Lit up In View of Humayun Akhtar Khan


Condition in Karachi has gone from bad to worst in the past 5 years. Street crime evolved to target killings and now bombings have become customary. Karachi has been deteriorating in condition and the government does not seem to notice or rectify. There is a list of killings in the past. According to a report by human rights commission, from January till June of the year 2012, 972 people lost their lives, 160 were killed after abduction, 39 unidentified bodies discovered and 44 police personnel lost their lives.

In the month of July alone the battered Karachi has seen many deaths. July 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th engulfed 19, 17, 19 and 11 lives, consecutively. More than 20 businessmen were kidnapped in one month. The situation has become unbearably grave since the past two years and the people have not seen any reaction from the establishment. Karachi is a victim to the worst lawlessness in world history.

It appears that either the government is numb and has not taken any action in response to the situation in Karachi, or if they have, it has badly failed. What is your view?

When Supreme Court took suo moto action on Karachi’s situation, chief justice visited Karachi and stayed there for a week. The report that was produced then, states the condition of that region rather clearly. The terrorist issues in the North or insurgency in Baluchistan has no effect or ties with the disturbance in Karachi.

There are serious administrative issues going on in Karachi and government policies appear to be failing. Another problem is that ‘turf wars’ have become a norm in the region and people are strengthening themselves instead of the system.

ANP demands that in this situation when the government is unable to control the situation, they should call the army to take charge. What do you suggest?

I do agree that in Swat and Malakand calling the army to recover control was a good decision but if the government fails to control the region does not mean that the army should become a backup. A rational solution is for the government to establish better policies of control.

We believe that the country is a unit and each and every entity has their problems but there will be a method of equal distribution. Asking for individual demands will not be beneficial. What do you think?

I agree that there should be a political solution to the problems. The only possible way is to let the democratic process prevail. I would suggest that to reach salvation, we should try moving towards an election so that political problems can be solved. All the political parties exist because of Pakistan. For our prosperity and success we need Pakistan to prosper also.

Source: Tonight With Jasmeen – Samaa TV – 18 July 2012,

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