Wikileaks Disclosure

Misinterpretations and false accusations can lead to contemptible and horrendous circumstances difficult to elucidate. These situations may be conceptualized unintentionally but are mostly fabricated to inflict an opinion that is untrue. A certain case has emerged recently in Pakistan.

Dawn, one of the leading newspapers of Pakistan, has marked its name in history. It has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Julian Assangae, Chief Executive of Sunshine Press Productions, to use secret US diplomatic cables of all issues related to the country. There were two headlines released in the newspaper on May 20, 2011 in which the first claimed that Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani had requested the Americans to provide ‘continuous predator coverage’ in areas such as South Waziristan. He requisitioned it in a meeting with US Commander Admiral William J. Fallon that dates back to January 22, 2008.

General Kiyani had disapproved invasion of American air force in Pakistan. Instead he stated that Pakistan cannot afford drones and urges the U.S for some assistance by administering ‘continuous predator coverage’ for surveillance in areas that needed scrutinizing. There has been a false interpretation of Kiyani’s statements because Dawn published that this ‘request’ implies for more drone attacks in Pakistan. ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations) claims that the military needed surveillance in the mountainous regions of the country which is why it requested the Americans.

In my opinion, ISPR’s statement makes it obvious that our military wants intelligence sharing and nothing more than that. The government of Pakistan has been denying drone attacks for the last 10 years. Sometimes the inaccuracy of statements originates from the U.S and sometimes from Pakistan. America has complains with Pakistan regarding the drone attacks and vice versa.

The resolution passed by the Parliament of Pakistan-regarding the drone attacks and the NATO supply route in the country-mentioned that if another drone attack occurs in the future, it will be ruminated. The parliament remains to ponder upon the attacks even though a total of 215 drones have been bombarded in the country’s tribal areas.

The second statement published in the newspaper reported that PPP (Pakistan Peoples Party) and PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz) blames the establishment for wanting the civil government to collapse again. It further said that the establishment has pressure on my political party for choosing sides in this argument.

I would like to make it apparent that the above is a false allegation. I may have said that PML Humkhayal (Pakistan Muslim League Like Minded) would not be a part of this altercation and would also prevent from taking sides. It will however, wait for the result of this verbal feud. I would also mention that I am not under any pressure from the establishment and neither is my party.

Though there is something unusual about Wikileaks: it always has a specific time for releasing some of the most delicate news and targets the perfect individual. No one has ever denied any of Wikileaks’ disclosures.

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