What will Render Better Results: A Reform in the System or Capacity Building of Politicians?

In View of Humayun Akhtar Khan

In the last 4 to 4.5 years the government has had many weaknesses but the positive thing is it’ll complete its term and a civilian government will hold the elections. An independent election commission has been formed and hopefully a neutral caretaker government will conduct the election. Tactics like prolonging the term or taking extra constitutional measures will prove to be disasterous. The negative side of the picture is there has been a political government yet we have seen no success in deliverance. The public expects salvation from a democratic political government but it has not been provided.

Would you agree that there has been a collective failure of leaders in this country?

I would say that there have been episodes of failures but there have been some successes too. I feel that 65 years is just a blip in a nations history. The US for instance faced massive corruption in late 19th century. In 1930s there was a colossal dispute between President Roosevelt and the Supreme Court of America. Similarly in the US West there was lawlessness for years but they learnt from their experience and became better people.

These examples are the reason why I always emphasize on putting the past behind and focusing on the future.

Don’t you agree that elections and then re-elections are not the answer; the true solution is a reform?

Within this system I feel there is space for the people to build their capacity and deliver results. Whatever we re-design as a system has to be run by the same people. My contention is that instead of opening up new issues by trying to come up with a new system we choose amongst the present pool of leaders and make sure they provide us with optimum results.

The problems that we face now do not have simplistic solutions. I feel there is a lot of capacity in the same system to improve.

Source: “Tonight with Fahd – Waqt News – 07 November 2012”.


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