Was there an outcome of the All Parties Conference?

The APC (All Parties Conference) held on Friday the 29th of September, 2011 at the Prime Minister’s house was breaking news on the media from the moment it had begun, till its end.  Many had hopes expecting a positive and different outcome this time while some assumed that Pakistan will soon be telling the U.S that its mastership will not be tolerated anymore and the two will remain friends from now on. But to me, the result seemed similar to the two parliamentary resolutions in the past.

The political parties, the political powers of this country can overcome their disputes and play a better role for the country and its people. For that they have to reveal their planning for ameliorating the internal and external difficulties of Pakistan. They should be aware of the economic reforms needed in Pakistan and how to eliminate the country’s dependency over the world. They should tell the nation the sacrifices that are needed in order to become obtain sovereignty. 
In my opinion, there was no aftermath of the conference held last month.  I have to say this apologetically that all the politicians know very well how to have the all the amendments passed. They will work for their own benefits for months and together they will accomplish it. They know how to increase their supremacy but they never join hands or create an understanding when the time comes to think about the betterment of the country or how to revive its economic condition or how to eliminate the dependency on foreign countries.

This realization of responsibilities is obviously of the government. A common man riding a bicycle is not responsible for it, neither is the opposition. The opposition does play a part in this as well. It can create a plan and present its stance. The treatment for this government is for the opposition to come forward with a solid program to ameliorate the country and revive its economy.

The All Parties Conference that was held last month was done to show the world that these political groups of Pakistan are one.  But the world is wise enough and comprehends their purpose behind it. They may fool the civilians but not the world.

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