Unity amongst politicians will form a progressive Pakistan

The politicians of Pakistan, belonging to different parties, gather together whenever they get a chance to increase their domination and control. They acted in the same manner when they wanted to have the 18th amendment approved.

In my opinion, the politicians of this country cannot obtain power by a signature on a piece of paper. They will not be able to govern properly until and unless they start performing better for the people and deliver good governance. The energy crisis, inflation, unemployment, all internal and external problems of the country can be solved if the political parties come together and work for a collective interest.

The politicians themselves know that this is the only solution to the nations’ complications but they don’t come together and fix it because they are not ready to give each other credit for the accomplishment. The government will not work for the progress of the country, neither will the opposition. The opposition will also not give a second thought to this solution because it assumes that the government will take away all the fame and honour.

Pakistan requires a major tax revenue. The government spends more than it earns which is why it is under debt of Rs. 1300 billion. To cover up its expenses, it beseeches the foreign world to aid it. I wonder how long this will go on.

According to me, sales tax is another solution for Pakistan to get rid of this heavy debt. A man riding a motor bike will also pay the tax levied on petrol and so will a man driving a Mercedes Bens. Both will pay the tax on the utilities they will but.

Many institutions of the country have never bothered to pay tax. The income, industrial and real estate sector, all of them are unwilling to pay their part of the due tax. During our governance, many individuals earned billions of rupees from the stock exchange. Earning money and making the most of it is no crime but paying tax is a must.

Therefore, every politician should demand that every sector of the country is bound to pay tax and on the other hand they should decrease the RGST tax so that poor is less burdened.

Besides the economy, Pakistan is facing terrible situations regarding the floods.  It may seem that there’s no water shortage but the sad truth is that there’s scarcity of it. The flood water could have drained out into the Arabian Sea.

The climate is changing in Pakistan which is causing heavy rain fall all over the country. The rains are causing the lands to flood and this situation will remain the same in the future. The change in climate will also cause a famine here and nobody seems to be concerned about it.

The politicians have to start planning from now onward. They should decide once and for all that the people of this country are suffering from shortage of electricity, water, gas, etc. and unite as one force to rebuild the country and eliminate all these problems.

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