The Whats and the Whys of Youth While Favoring Political Parties With Haroon Akhtar Khan


The session aims to identify political trends in the youth of Pakistan. This election will be very important in terms of the bulk of youth present in our region. The politicians will be exposed to questions from the youth.

PTI accuses that PML Ns priorities have been ill-advised in Punjab for the past years. Supposedly health conditions are worse than Uganda. How will you defend PML Ns performance in Punjab?

The indicators mentioned by PTI are macroeconomic policy failures in Pakistan. The federal government is handling all the policies such as health, financial and fiscal. A statement that there has been an overall policy failure due to incapacitated policy making in Pakistan for the past few years, would be more appropriate.

What would you say in response to PTIs statement that in all the regions of Pakistan, Punjab being a part, facilities and privileges are being provided to the elite and poor still remains deprived?

I fail to understand which community they are referring to when they say poor. Be it Danish School, Ashiana Scheme, subsidized wheat or rapid transport, any Initiative that benefits the common man is being criticized by them. Punjab has increased in productive capacity for the past few years. PML N gave Pakistan the motorway and motorway police, which has become a success story.

Wheat, sugarcane and maze are being produced in abundance. Raised production has increased supply and Pakistan is producing the best quality sugarcane in the world. If only Punjab is compared to Sindh, Baluchistan or KhyberPakhtunkhwa the difference will contradict their claims against PML N.

Transparency International’s report shows that Punjab is better than any other region of Pakistan when it comes to corruption. PML N gave economic, industrial reforms, and brought investment policies. There were all focused on prosperity of the common man. I believe that rather than blaming the federal government for their economic policy failure PTI targets PML N, without acknowledging the prosperity that they have managed to bring.

Input of the House

It is not understandable why PTI always protests against all the policies formulated by PML N in Punjab. In not just Lahore but Pindi, Bahawalpur, Shekhupura and Deraghazi Khan, every region becomes a forum for accusations. There is a student from Shekhupura, which has an area called Sangla Hill. He claims that the hill has developed so much during rule of PML N in Punjab that it is conspicuous.

I fail to understand why any initiative taken by Punjab government that benefits common man is disapproved. The investment made on establishing Metro bus system has benefitted the common man. It is easier for PTI to object to it because for them conveyance is not an issue, it is the ailment of a common man.

If positive criticism is the aim they should criticize president OGRA for corruption, ANP for destroying Pakistan railways, the insurgency and turmoil in Baluchistan and killing of 40 to 50 people daily in Karachi.

When PML N claims that there is increased production in Punjab, why is there an increase in prices? Since Haroon Rashid sahab is also owns sugar mills why are sugar prices increased?

Firstly sugar is a commodity that was priced at 120 Rs three years from now is 50 Rs per kilo at the moment. There is no duty charged on sugar at the moment. Pakistan is the finest quality sugar producer and our sugar is the highest priced in the world.

I worked hard for 15 years abroad and came back to Pakistan. With the investment that I brought we instituted sugar mills that give employment to thousands of people. The business pays billions of rupees in taxation. PTI is giving the impression that whoever earns is questionable; which is not the case. With this mindset no investor will agree to bring in investment. The problem lies with economic policies that fail to cater to the needs of present time.

Source: On the Front – Dunya News – 17 February 2013

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