The Grand Alliance: PML-N and PML-Like Minded Negotiate to Collaborate

There is no doubt that a mandate was given to the government during the elections of 2008 and it was obvious that PML-Q that governed the country five years before this cabinet, was not given a majority vote from the civilians of the country.  A natural alliance merged the PML-N and PPP together in the beginning although there were no such chances of any cooperation before the elections. What happened after that is not hidden.

When the matters rested on the judiciary’s restoration and the federal government, the alliance of between both parties collapsed.  After that there was some instability in Punjab that led to the implementation of the governor rule.  Then the alliance between PPP and PML-N remained as it is afterwards for a while.  But the day their alliance fell apart once again, I had appeared on the Pakistani media, openly saying that from now onwards, PML-N will begin its electoral politics and will emerge as the real opposition. The result is evident that PML-N has finally laid eyes on the other political parties around it.

After the elections in Azaad Kashmir and the Chaudhry brothers collaborating with the PPP government maybe it has finally realized that it has to look towards other political parties as well and give the grand alliance a thought.

Senator Hasil Bizenjo claimed to have met Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan at the parliamentary level.  A delegation from our political party has also been acquainted with Nawaz Sahirf and the rest of the leaders. There have been talks about the senate and the alliance.

Everyone will be witnessing effective changes within this one and a half year period of time.  The concept behind these political alliances is that they are constructed on the foundation of wrong policies implemented from the government’s side and later on they transform into electoral alliances.

I must say, I am disappointed with MQM because it plays a major role in the politics of Sind and mainly Karachi.  It alliances with other parties and breaking up with them leads to chaos in Karachi that causes many to die helplessly and others to suffer because of businesses shutting down due to violence in the city.

The answer to will PML-Like Minded will be a part of the bigger opposition is that both parties –PML-N and PML – Like Minded – are negotiating and the talks have become more formal than before, inclining towards the positive side.

According to me, the current government will not collapse and it probably won’t be demolished before it completes it leftover term.  If it ever destructs, people must think whether that step will be in favour of democracy or not.

The fact Admiral Mike Mullen has stated about America and Pakistan having good ties and Pakistan does whatever America tells it to do was information released by Wikilieaks.  The modern thing about Wikileaks is that if it reveals any information, America does not own it and even if it doesn’t, the democratic state cannot deny the truth or the official statement.

The problem is that America is in a state of an ‘exit strategy’ and ‘end game’ in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been its ally in many acts such as the drone attacks and the U.S military’s supplies passing through our soil.  Sometimes America causes trouble in between and at other times Pakistan does; both cause problems for their own benefits. The other fact that disappoints me is that, we the politicians never comprehend these matters and instead start attacking our own institutions.

Amid all these happenings, the top leadership of Pakistan is busy in brinkmanship which will immensely harm the country and lead it to the edge of disaster.

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