The derailment of democracy

Democracy has been derailed many times in the past in Pakistan. Looking at the current situation it seems to be happening again. To derail democracy, someone will have to create an issue or scandal, which has already been done by propagating the Memogate case.

Some people are of the opinion that the Pakistan Army has actually pinned democracy to the wall by disclosing this conspiracy. I personally don’t think anyone has been pinned against the wall.

I have a fundamental and broad perspective that the army fills in vacuums left by us, the politicians. The politicians forget their purpose in the government and expect to enhance power by making different constitutional amendments.

The politicians’ responsibility is to deliver, to work according to the people’s choice and protect their interests. We, their representatives, have to demonstrate our capability in front of the people. We have to show them we are capable of governing the country. Unless and until politicians don’t collectively develop this capability within them, incidents like the Memogate will continue to happen.

Incidents like these have happened in the past – the ISI was about to be brought under the Interior Ministry. Then there was the Kerry Lugar Bill which had clauses, allegedly inserted at the behest of our Ambassador in Washington, to have civilian supremacy over the establishment. Such tactics will never bring supremacy.

We know a letter was written and Mr. Hussain Haqqani resigned after it was announced in public. I must say, Mr. Haqqani is the first public servant in the history of this country who has resigned from his seat on the basis of a mere allegation and has presented himself for an investigation.

The enquiry of this case must be done through a proper forum in Pakistan. It should not be left in the hands of any American or British court. There is another option of Government forming a Judicial commission for this. Those who are guilty and have conspired against the country must be revealed.

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