The cause of Pakistan’s current demise

With the power of authority comes sense of responsibility – something that does not exist in Pakistan.

As an economist, I am well aware of the Pakistan’s economy, something that a common man may not understand.  The corruption in every area of the country, especially the industrial sector, has led to demise. We stand at a very horrible end.

This situation can be compared to a small scenario in which a train is dashing on its tracks without a driver, unknown of its excursion.  Now, everyone knows the conclusion of this entire scene. The train will eventually crash and suffer from severe damage.

I have mentioned this couple of times before, in my recent articles, that I do not see this government planning anything for the betterment of this country.  The youth of Pakistan remains jobless with a very minute chance of getting employed.  The industries are rapidly sloping down towards loss.  This government doesn’t decrease its royal expenditures and spends a diminutive amount of money over the development if the country.

The good things that happened during the government which ruled from 2002 – 2008 are:

  • Rs. 300 billion was the amount Central Bureau Revenue had. When we entered the government it rose to Rs.1000 billion.
  • Pakistan’s exports used to be Rs. 8 billion which increased to Rs. 20 billion during our governance.
  • Pakistan’s reserves were Rs. 2 billion and which later on raised to Rs. 15 billion,

The tradesmen of Pakistan know that there was prosperity in the industries during those years. The laborers who now sit on the corners of sidewalks, waiting for hope, never sat like that during our rule. They had work to do.

 I do admit that we did commit some mistakes for which we apologized for such as the Laal Masjid (Red Mosque) incident.  But now, the entire country has become Laal Masjid. Why don’t the people standup now and speak against it all?

Unfortunately, I also believe that when the elections will occur soon, this nation will bring back the two powering parties once again without event reminiscing about the past.

Some people assume that Rs. 700 to 800 billion is the tax amount stolen or not paid in Pakistan. I have said this repetitively that theft of tax is insignificant.  Tax is not levied on anyone or anything in this country. He who pays it would think of corrupt ways to save his money.  I say, first levy tax on everyone and then figure out who’s the culprit trying to eliminate himself from his obligations.

Now, 10 percent of people in Pakistan pay tax while a huge mass of 90 percent doesn’t.

Let me sketch an image for you. Suppose there are two shopkeepers, A and B. Shopkeeper A is someone who pays tax while the other doesn’t.  Shopkeeper B saves money since he doesn’t find tax an obligation hence he renovates his shop and buys an air conditioner for it.  Now, shopkeeper A would also devise a plan to do the same, to benefit himself, and in an attempt to compete he would stop paying taxes.  There, you have your culprits.

So, the point is that first tax should be implemented on all and then figure out ways to stop people from committing corruption in this area.

As to the question on how corruption will diminish from Pakistan, I would like to say with due apologies, that in the past the, the intuitions for accountability of corruption have always been used against the opposition. This happened in the accountability bureau and even in NAB.  The 18th amendment stated that the NAB’s chairman would be appointed with opposition’s decision as well; not only the government. I believe that this part of the amendment was beneficial and all appointments of authorities in the country should be done the same way.

The institution of accountability would not let anyone be exempted from its list no matter if it’s the army, bureaucrats or politicians. Who so ever corrupts Pakistan will be accountable whether it’s a police officer, teacher, minister, president or even the prime minister; all will be equal. The law will be the same for everyone.

The institutions should never be ruined like they are under the orders of the Supreme Court which takes    concludes all the decisions while the rest of the institutions remain quiet.  There’s no use of an accountability division such as the current. The country’s executive authorities must come underneath it.

I assure you that 75% of this country’s problems would be resolve once the jail and prison system is improved.

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