Supreme Court verdict, democratic system and role of politicians

The way I understand the present situation, the supreme court has clearly convicted the prime minister of contempt of court. And powers vested in the speaker of the assembly are surely not greater than those of the supreme court. That is why our party has also asked the prime minister to step down in the larger interest of the country. His resignation will not derail democracy in any way. The process does not depend on individuals. The House will simply elect a new leader and matters shall proceed normally. 

I think we politicians are our biggest enemies. We’ve had another shot at democracy after all these years, and the fruits of the last four years are clear for all to see. We should protect this system, and not let any one individual’s interests harm it. This is perhaps the one thing the whole country has accepted unanimously, that the democratic system must be preserved. Let’s also not blame all our ills on the system. There’s a lot that can be done within the confines of the present setup, let us all concentrate on that.

Politicians need to realize that they will not strengthen themselves via 18th, 19th, 20th amendments and the like. They will only strengthen their own foundations by delivering to the people. Again, it is a collective process, so we should not let individual promises of change cloud our judgment. Yes, the onus of generating popular consensus lies with the sitting government, but it is a process in which all players must participate. These amendments are the perfect example. If politicians can overcome differences and generate unanimity on issues that increase their own powers, they should also be able to come together on issues that are of paramount importance for the people who elect them to office.

I am a firm believer of collective responsibility. So far, ours has been the only party to systematically disseminate thorough breakdown of policy on all important issues facing the country. We have published a detailed document, a 150-page Roadmap to Pakistan’s Recovery, and distributed it across the country. We invite all parties to engage in constructive debate and collectively decide on the most prudent path out of the abyss. We challenge all stakeholders to come forth for consensus.

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