Supreme Court Involvement: Threat or Deliverance! In View of Humayun Akhtar Khan


In response to remarks aimed at Supreme Court judges from Farooq Sattar, convener MQM the apex court had issued contempt of court notice on December 14th. After initial hue an apology was produced from an MQM representative, on behalf of the party chief. In response to the apology SC had disposed off the contempt of court notice.

Keeping in view the charged up situation between MQM and SC and now the apology, what do you think the current position is?

I believe it was wise of Altaf Hussain to take up this stance. Taking control of your party in times of disrupt and pacifying the situation is what a true leader is known for.

The actual cause of Supreme Court taking charge of issues is because of the prevailing inaction since 4/5 years. This particular episode was also a consequence of law and order situation in Karachi but even then better sense has prevailed so I expect nothing less than betterment.

Considering two incidents where in case of Kala Bagh dam issue and now comments about judges caused Supreme Court to intervene in political affairs. Do you suppose SC is trying to interfere in political affairs of the country?

A petition was filed in Lahore High Court regarding a meeting of Council of Common Interest in 1991. The ruling passed by the Chief Justice Lahore High Court was in accordance with that meeting and completely constitutional. If the current administration has reservations regarding that, they should convene another CCI meeting and settle matters according to it. The Chief Justice has not intervened politically, rather he has decided on basis of the petition produced before him.

Do you think the delimitation stance was to restrain particular personnel from entering the coalition?

I do not believe in baseless accusations, though it is true that in 2001 there was nation wide delimitation in Pakistan. If someone has objection towards delimitation, they can file a petition and in response their stance is heard and then decided. Delimitation is not a recent issue, till date no objection has been filed against it. A legal solution should be sought instead of politicizing the issue, bearing in mind that SC is a neutral institution and does not side with any particular political party.

Considering security concerns and the unrest in political parties do you foresee possible delay in election?

I have been involved in politics since 24/25 years, there is always talk of delay, right before the elections. When caretaker government takes over the same people prophesize Caretakers taking longer than planned but each time I have witnessed timely elections.

There are only two options, one is when army takes over and another is when democracy prevails. Aside from these options, National assembly can extend its tenure for a year by declaring a national emergency.

Deteriorating economy, law and order situation, employment opportunities, Foreign policy and inflation demand a change in administration. Here, for people, the only solution to problems materializes in the form of an election. Depriving them of this reverie will cause uncontrollable disrupt and civil disobedience.

The slogan raised by certain politicians where they urge people to choose between, “Politics or State” is not rational in contemporary perspective. States have constitutions which should be strictly adhered to. Reform should come through the constitutional process, mot through the street.

Do you think army’s intervention during elections should be an option?

Army is an institution of the government. If the administration or election commission feels that their involvement is needed for certain matters, I see no harm in its involvement as it is constitutional.

Source: “Tonight With Jasmeen – Samaa TV – 18 December 2012”.


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