“Stating Facts and Clarifying the Past” Humayun Akhtar Khan, one-to-one with Youth

Question and Answer Session of Humayun Akhtar Khan with the Youth

Q. What attracted you most in PML N to join forces with them for the upcoming election?

PML Likeminded has originated from Pakistan Muslim League and it has always been my aspiration to reorganize the League and eliminate misunderstandings. The agenda of Muslim League in the governance of Nawaz Sharif is to pull Pakistan out of desolation and formulate a system that is not only corrective but also sustainable in nature. For this he is willing to extend a hand of friendship to everyone. This is the exact mindset I have so PML N was the best platform for Likeminded.

I am glad that Likeminded was welcomed by PML N, and Nawaz Sharif was very generous in setting aside all differences. To us the most important thing is to attempt saving our country.

Q. Nawaz Sharif after spending ten years in expatriation has returned, why now do you feel it is worthwhile to join forces with them even though you have been in the Pervaiz administration as well?

In Pakistan’s history many people have formed various alliances, sometimes with political people sometimes with the army. When Nawaz Sharif left the country we decided to continue the role of PML in Pakistani politics. This was our solution the the time. Although it was not favored by Nawaz Sharif and he had genuine reasons to do so.

I sincerely admire Nawaz Sharif’s wisdom in ignoring the past and stepping forward to heal not only PML but the country as well.

Q. Why are Chaudhry Shujat and Sheikh Rasheed not welcomed in PML N?

Tha Chaudry’s have joined PPP. They have made their choice.

Source: On The Front with Kamran Shahid- Dunya News- 16th November 2012


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