SPLGO 2012; Intent of Withdrawal In View of Humayun Akhtar Khan


On February 21, 2013 Sindh assembly withdrew Sindh Peoples Local Government Ordinance (SPLGO 2012) by adaptation of bill. Effective from that date Local Bodies Act of 1979 has been restored for the whole of Sindh.

How do you see withdrawal of the ordinance? Do you think it’s a message for Nawaz Sharif?

We have to understand that the ordinance in place now is one that was preferred by government. The bill passed for alteration was a consequence of MQMs wishes and PPPs effort to pacify their demands. However, the ordinance was unacceptable to the population of rural Sindh and it brought an immense reaction from public. Three days before, MQM has declared separation from the ruling party and withdrawal occurred as a reaction to it. We do not see any intent but political requital. If this was not the case, government should have consulted MQM before withdrawing the ordinance, as it is a major party in urban Sindh and was a part of the decision for the change.

After this decision of PPP what will be the understanding at the end of Nawaz Sharif?

Though Nawaz Sharif is a leader from Punjab but he has tried to take a message of tranquility to Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan because he believes in the politics of Pakistan not just any particular region. The purpose is to create a strong opposition so that PPP can be contested in Sindh.

In the previous 5 years, rural Sindh has seen a sharp decline in socio-economic condition. The desolation spread due to floods and other events has seen no restoration. The condition of people in urban Sindh has gone from bad to worse in the last 5 years.

PML N and Functional were establishing association previously, what is the situation going to be like after this incident?

I do not see any effect on the association between the N and Functional leagues because of SPLGO withdrawal. Our motto is to merge all segments of PML and establish a strong opposition presence. President Likeminded Arbab Rahim is still in negotiation with Pir Pagara. We aspire that Pir Pagara sahab will bond with PML so that PML can contest in the upcoming elections together.

When Tahir ul Qadri was assembling the congregation ISPR stated that the ISI had no ties with Minhaj ul Quarn but the leader himself announced later, had he not dispersed the sit-in martial law would have been instated within seconds so what do you presume of ISPRs statement now which explains that the army wishes for the country to have free and fair elections?

I believe the statements that army gives are a good way of informing the country because it would not be appropriate for an institution of a country to send their representatives in talk shows to clarify the situation. Whenever there is uncertainty and confusion within the country statements of the army are a positive step towards establishing lucidity. I personally feel that it is a very encouraging progress on part of the army.

Nawaz Sharif sahab has been holding important meetings at Islamabad previously, what are your views about it?

We see a lot of speculation and rumors spreading, before elections but one thing is certain, all the major political parties demand free, fair and timely elections. All the dialogue is to support this cause. Two very important factors namely public and electronic media also support this cause. Putting aside all the meetings and dialogue the statements of important institutions are clear indication of their support towards execution of elections.

I believe that the only way to cause disrupt is by prolonging the tenure of the assembly or an event that encourages extension in caretaker government administration. This doesn’t seem possible now.

Source: “News Beat – Samaa TV – 21 February 2013”.

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