Speaker Assembly; Deciding PM’s Disqualification In View of Humayun Akhtar Khan


Speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza has declared that there is no question of charges against Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to hold ground because there is no relevance of the issue to article 63, its paragraph (g) and (h) of clause 2. Bearing that in mind disqualification of the Prime Minister from parliament is not maintainable.

What is your stance on the decision of speaker assembly?

Firstly, Supreme Court has given a legal decision not a political one because in case of a political decision the PM would have been disqualified immediately. Generally, there are two public opinions. One states that according to article 63 clause 2 speaker is just a post office in this matter and does not possess the right to take major decisions whereas, others argue that a speaker has right to invoke decision-making powers and decide if this issue is maintainable or not.

The election commission has to decide if the issue is jurisdictional or not. I believe the political parties have been left to take political decision. It is rational for the Supreme Court to stay separated from such decisions.

What do you think of the attitude of ruling coalition towards the Judiciary?

I feel that prosecution, which is the responsibility of the administration, has been completely compromised. If you take the example of NRO cases, the prosecution has been weak and Supreme Court seems to be dissatisfied. Steel Mill case, for instance was handed over to the FIA and now the court has forwarded it to NAB. This shows a credibility gap between institutions.

I believe political leaders should take political decisions themselves rather than relying on GHQ or Supreme Court.

Will demands of a new province become reality?

If our administration had been serious in this regard they would have made changes in the constitution. We are in the favor of people asking for a separate province since the intent is not to break up the country rather ask for separate rights. We wish that in case people of Sindh want a separate section they should be able to get it without bloodshed.

Source: Islamabad Tonight – Aaj News – 24 May 2012


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