The felicitous, ‘Sovereign Pakistan’

I have been questioned many times whether Pakistan will ever have a bright future, whether it will progress without foreign aid.  Some ask me if the country will ever survive without IMF (International Monetary Fund).  I say it will.  The answer is simple to how it will: the solution to this dilemma is to diminish the crime of unpaid taxes.

Pakistan has to spend almost 900 billion rupees this year on debt servicing. This is due to the government’s expenditures being higher than the country’s resources.  About 10 percent of the country does not pay GDP (Gross Domestic Product) taxes.  No one in this country is willing to pay taxes including the MNAs (Minister of National Assembly) and we all expect the country to prosper.

If I conscientiously calculate the taxes generated from the main sectors of the country it will conclude to a massive amount, enough to restrain the country from beseeching other countries.  Let’s begin with the agricultural sector of Pakistan that alone produces an economy of Rs.4 trillion.  If we levy 20 percent tax on Rs.1000 billion (from those Rs.4 trillion), we will acquire Rs.200 billion as tax revenue.  This is apart from setting aside 75 percent of that amount that would be allocated on its expenses.

The Real Estate sector of Pakistan generates a total amount of Rs.300 billion tax revenue.  Many become billionaires in this business by creating societies, commercial and residential schemes.  I appreciate those earning money because there is no harm in it.  It actually makes me happy that people want to yearn to earn.  It is crucial for everyone to recognize the importance of tax and contribute their share in it.

An incongruous thought is that we entitle Pakistan as a sovereign country while we cannot incur Rs.900 billion of debt servicing on our own for which we implore other countries to aid us.  On the other hand we do not prefer to pay taxes either.  A sovereign country and a sovereign nation do not beseech others to assist it financially by lending it billions of rupees.

The massive leakages such as: PIA, PEPCO, Pakistan Railways have been before us for the last three and a half years.  Approximately, a sum of Rs. 3 billion is wasted on these institutions while the entire expenditure to run the civil government of Pakistan is calculated to be Rs.200 billion.  There is no electricity, gas or water in the country.  Where is all the money being thrown?

Pakistan has been through dreadful times ever since it came into existence.  It still endures deleterious situations even now.   The Pakistani nation has been sacrificing itself but it is unfortunate that it is still not being able to progress even after the loss it has bared in the past 63 years.  Pakistani citizens have sacrificed their sovereignty.  They are the ones being killed atrociously by drone attacks, bomb blasts and barbaric firings.

This country has been invaded by external forces that openly and unhesitatingly commenced a military operation and eventually the country is being alleged for the entire incident.  If the world is sabotaged Pakistan is apparently the only country to be blamed and its root cause is always to be discovered and sniffed out from here.

This country desperately requires excellent, positive and valuable leadership.  The day it does; this country will improve within 6 months.  It will be more progressive than any of the neigbouring countries.

Good leadership will arise from within Pakistan.  There are people in this country, in political corridors that are assiduous, determined and transparent. Civilians will elect these people who are worthy of governing. I strongly believe and guarantee this country will progress.

The Pakistani nation is resilient and there is none other like it.  When the September 11 attacks occurred in the U.S, the American nation was psychologically affected.  The country cannot eliminate the psychological problems its people have developed although the incident took place 11 years ago.  However, the Pakistani nation is brave and fearless.  Here people, continue living their daily routine even if a bomb blasted in their city the night before.

It’s high time the politicians of this country changed their thought-processing.  The first step is to rid this nation of issues that are less important.  The time has come to quickly figure out where this country stands and where it’s heading.

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  1. zubair Alam

    sir you are right we are living a fearful life. i don’t think we can easily over come these big issues we are facing. :(

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