Road Map

Ever since Pakistan’s formation over six decades ago, the country has been in a  constant state of volatility. This, paired with the lack of a coherent growth plan, has stunted the country’s development. The objective of this dossier is to share our roadmap for Pakistan’s betterment with its stakeholders.

As an active political party the Pakistan Muslim League realizes its strengths, challenges and potential to capitalize opportunities to elevate the country’s standing as well as the lives of its people. We, the members of PML-Like Minded, take great pride in our country and in our party’s contribution in serving, it. Today we look to the future. In order to overcome Pakistan’s numerous challenges and to rebrand the nation’s faltering image, we will need to address multiple areas of improvement.

Several governments over the years have had the opportunity to serve this nation. What has unfortunately been missing is the clarity of purpose and a cohesive vision to steer the country through some very tumultuous times. This roadmap attempts to outline a vision capable of harnessing Pakistan’s natural endowments and gearing the growth engine towards improving the lives of its people.

Download Road Map to Pakistan’s Recovery (pdf)