Responsibility of eliminating people’s confusions relies on government

The obstacles hurdling in Pakistan’s progress are so evident that they can be counted on finger tips. The government is composed of politicians who are appointed as representatives of the people.  They are responsible for solving problems the civilians face.  It is their duty to find conclusions to the matters that aggravate and exasperate the people of Pakistan.

The troubling situation of the country hasn’t been improved for various reasons.  But the responsibility lies on the shoulders of those power holders who have been in the government for the past three and half years.  Those who sit in the parliament, who have been elected, are responsible to remove all confusions the people confront.

People must also learn to question and demand from the government.  The civilians should look towards those they have elected.

Now days, Pakistan has a democratic government.  If you look back into the 90’s, then the government was of the two ruling parties of the country.  Both were democratic parties and they remained in power for almost 11 years.  They should have also answered whatever the people asked from them.

There isn’t any dispute or doubt in the fact that the country should be ruled according to the law.  The politicians and political institutions cannot gain power by having a few papers signed.  The only way to acquire power is by solving the civilians’ and country’s problems, delivering whatever the people demand and by bettering their current situation.

For the past three and a half years we all have been looking at each other; the government looks at the opposition, the opposition looks at the bureaucracy, the bureaucracy looks at the establishment, establishment looks at those abroad the country.

Every politician always claims to say that he will be the best representative in the future.  But that’s not how it is.  A politician’s good and bad is revealed as soon as he enters the government and when he is given the opportunity to rule.

A politician creates his own reputation on his track record; how brave he is, how clean his past is and how will he perform his duties.

All the current problems of Pakistan, whether they involve the economy, Afghanistan, the Asian region, establishing peace and friendly terms with neighbouring countries, etc. should all be solved by the government.

Three and a half years are enough for any government to bring betterment in the country and prove it’s the best for the country and its people, now it has a year and a half left.

I have been asked to numerically point out what the current government has failed to do.  It is obvious what this government has done and what it hasn’t.

Take a look at Pakistan’s economy: is it creating job opportunities for people?  Is it decreasing poverty? Is it going to solve the poverty problems?  Is the country’s growth 8% or 9% according to the growth rate that is currently in the region?  Has the government solved the energy and load shedding crisis? Has it solved the country’s water issues?  Has it decreased its expenditures?  Has it fixed the public sector enterprises? Has it increased the country’s tax base?

Where do we start from and where do we end it all?

There are very few sectors of Pakistan that seem to be flourishing and one of them is the country’s agricultural sector.  The rural people are satisfied with the crops.  There are two reasons for the sector’s success:

1)    The prices of commodities have increased throughout the world while the price of money has decreased.

2)    The weather has been splendid.

I have said this many times that Pakistan’s agriculture output depends on what nature decides such as the weather; depends whether it was good or bad.

The government should create a balance in rural and urban communities.  When it last increased prices on commodities, they turned out to be more than the original price in the international world. The government had also stocked and locked some 2, 3 million amount of wheat.  Then an amount of Rs. 4 billion was jammed somewhere in the banks.  The farmer in the rural areas got his salary but the urban consumer, the one who lives in the city, faced inflation just because of the imbalance between the two areas.

I want every class of Pakistan to have equality in everything whether it lives in rural or urban areas. Whether it’s a farmer or a civilian in the city, I want all to be treated the same way.

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