Reforming Pakistan’s education system

A Pakistani newspaper, The Express Tribune, published an article titled, “Reforming our education system“, on 5th of October 2011.  In it, Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan has mentioned that the Pakistani nation’s social and political problems are because of the ruined education system of the country. He has also written solutions to reform the imperfect education system in Pakistan beginning with identifying and formulating a widely accepted common curriculum for schools across the country.

Here is an excerpt of the article,

“Once a uniform curriculum has been approved, the next important step will be the training of teachers. This is no small challenge. Again, while in the long term, this problem will solve itself, the government will need to act proactively in the initial stages. Coordinated teachers’ training programmes will have to be undertaken to ensure that the quality of education being imparted is not compromised.”


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