Politics in Pakistan: What’s with all the commotion?

Why is everyone in such a rush? It seems as if there is an election 90 days away. People are expecting the political parties to negotiate and get together or decide whose side they are on, as soon as possible. The PML-LM has been in negotiation with PTI for some time and had been with PML-N as well. We don’t want the Muslim League vote bank to split and we will announce what our next step or decision is soon. But we’re certainly not in a rush.

The outsiders look at these negotiations and meetings as a chess game. They want solutions and decisions to be made quickly.  These political steps take time and need patience.

Everyone is now aware that Mr. Imran Khan is emerging as a viable political force which he wasn’t before. People predict that he will not only create a faction in the PML’s vote bank but also in PPP’s.

Mr. Khan is definitely a factor I reckon with. Whether local body election takes place or general ones, he will become the second or third preference depending on the candidates which will result into another party. There are about 500 thousand political workers in this country. About 300 thousand are in the rural areas, 100 thousand are spread in the five big cities of Pakistan.

Once he starts getting the votes of those 100 thousand he will be able to pull those workers towards his party. Then an election will definite result in consolidation of Mr. Imran Khans party.

People are correct about him damaging the PML’s vote bank. If the candidates join him towards him, the PPP and PML vote banks will definitely be effected too. The extent of that remains a question for now.

Mr. Khan has to be very specific about his motto whether he’s emphasizing on change or the status quo. His main challenge is to tackle the upper-middle class in the urban areas which is very impatient. The same people voted for Pervez Musharraf and then supported the lawyers who were against him. Then they voted for Nawaz Sharif in 2008. It is obvious they are not very loyal.

Mr. Khan’s plan and message must be consistent. If he aims to bring about a change, he should be working for one that will last longer.

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