Politicians sincere over power, not for people

It has always been observed that politicians in Pakistan reunite when they want to accomplish a certain amendment or a policy that benefits them. This can only mean that they are sincere to themselves but not to the people. It’s time they changed that attitude and thinking before the people change their minds.

The politicians must show maturity now because the people are tired of their inefficiency and corruption.  They are deeply disappointed with then because they haven’t delivered properly. The country’s situation is terrible where there’s unemployment, inflation and energy crisis. The people feel insecure, isolated and ignored while they’re the ones sacrificing the most. The people are tense and they will not tolerate a government like this for too long.  A scientific survey has been published by Gallop showing a negative rating for all those politicians who are associated with the current government.  The people of Pakistan see hope from those politicians who are in the opposition. The protests occurring in the country will repetitively be held because the people are worried and agonized. Eventually the opposition parties will stand by them.

We, the PML-LM parted our ways from PML-Q in 2009.  Ever since then we’ve been trying to bring the rest of the PML groups together so we can become one force. That is why we have announced an alliance with PML-N. Our struggle is to revive the vote bank that once belonged to PML and make sure it isn’t split again. All the Muslims League workers and voters want to see the politicians of PML participate in the election together.

I’ve heard people say that Pakistan is in need of technocrats to run the government. In my opinion, there is no space for technocrats in Pakistan’s government according to the constitution. The technocrats will most probably come from Washington worsen the situation and return quietly. We are not in need of such people because they are not capable of running the government and have no stakes here.

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