PML-N preparing for the upcoming elections

The Nation, an online Pakistani newspaper, published an article titled as, “PPP, Q flabby coats to turn around PML-N”, o
n October 15, 2011.

It read, “As part of preparations for the next general elections, the PML-N is making contacts with parliamentarians and other potential winners, especially in Sindh, while several noted politicians from PML-Q and PPP are likely to join the PML-N soon.”

The party sources also said that Tariq Azeem, former PML-Q central secretary information, would soon be given a lead role in the Likeminded Group of PML-Q.

Quoting some examples of PML-N ticket aspirants like Humayun Akhtar Khan, Kashmala Tariq and some other Likeminded leaders, they said that N would not increase its liabilities and award tickets only to those having a visible potential for victory.

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