People of Pakistan futile for future

Pakistani politics has become despairing and forlorn and the civilians are fed up with it. They are in a miserable condition that is worsening day after day. The economy, unemployment, inflation and security issues in the country are frenzied.

The common men of Pakistan feel despondent about their misrepresentation by the leaders abroad the country.  It is foolish to expect them to tolerate this. They have been deceived, played enough with and will not tolerate this any longer.

The only hope they see is from the opposition. Mr. Imran Khan used to attack the PPP government, and  accused PML-N as well because it has been ruling over Punjab. A few months back PML-N decided to play as the real opposition. As time will pass, it will gradually increase its attacks against the government. People long for Imran Khan or PML-N to remove the government from power. 
I would stay focused on the present and not delve into the past for it is of no use. We can’t judge the past. The present scenario is simple: the government has failed to deliver. Since 1990, PML-N was known to rule over Punjab while the rest of the country was controlled by PPP.  Even then, PML-N was always opposed PPP and its decisions.

The result of the heated politics is important. January 01, 2012 is a crucial date. The government can be brought down only if the parties in opposition can trigger an election before that, in a democratic manner. New politicians should be given a chance and a mandate so they can play their part in the country’s politics and ameliorate the problems of the country.

I believe in a political party to complete its term. But this time if the government completes this term, I’m afraid the country’s progress will fall down.

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