Notions of the elections in 2012

Every political party in Pakistan is preparing for the upcoming elections. Coalitions are being formed while others are trying their best to promote their leadership and get noticed by the voters. But none of them have a concrete plan for the progress of the country.

I personally do not give importance to by-elections. By-elections are not an indicator of the ruling party’s popularity. During our time of governance, from 2002-2007, we won all by-elections. General elections are a totally different matter and public sentiment comes out openly only during such elections.

Both major parties, PPP and PML N have the disadvantage of incumbency. The PML N is now gearing up to be the real opposition. They have been charged so far of being friendly opposition. Imran Khan has been filling the vacuum of opposition so far. If all parties other than PPP and PML N are able to come together to offer a third option, the next election can pull out a few surprises. But this doesn’t seem to be happening. Imran seems to be on a solo flight. If PML N is able to unite the opposition and is given the credit of dismantling the very unpopular PPP coalition, this coalition will then have a good chance of forming the next Government.

PML-Like Minded opted towards coalition with PML-N because we never wanted the right wing vote of Muslim League to be split – it was our fundamental consideration. The reason for creating an alliance is because this may be one of the ways to gather politicians to ameliorate the country. It will improve governance, the economy and poverty.

The current politicians in the government accuse previous governments of leaving the country in a disastrous situation. A government that has been in power for the past 4 years has no right to accuse previous governments of its competency.  Their present will soon be the past; something they cannot escape from.

I was viewing a document a while back that was published by PPP Government for the IMF in 2008, stating how good the economy was during 2002-2007.  I would like to state some points and I’m ready to face any challenge on these figures . On the 15th of November, 2007, when we left the government, the circular debt of Pakistan was RS.100 billion. Mr. Salman Shah had informed me that he brought the figure down to Rs.50 billion as caretaker Finance Minister. In Nov. 2008, the borrowing from Central Bank under PPP had reached Rs.682 billion while it was only Rs.23 billion on Nov. 2007 when our term ended. I am not assuming these figures; as an actuary by profession, I know my figures.

Our government, back in 2002-2007 delivered good governance than the current one. I admit that we made mistakes for which we suffered. But I predict that if our government was thrown out after good performance imagine what will happen to PPP.

The current condition of the Pakistanis is terrible; they have never suffered like this in the past.  They have been enduring turmoil after turmoil whether it is related to economy, inflation, employment, security of the country, etc. Foreign forces that claim to be our friends are bombing our land and killing our civilians. The people of Pakistan are worried about their safety and prosperity.

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