Pakistan and its terms and conditions Pakistan and its terms and conditions

I believe that the internal matters of Pakistan should be solved within the country. The institutions of Pakistan should not make their matters public in front of the world. We will solve all our matters on our own and we are not in any need of international interference which seems to be happening for quite some time now. For example, Senator Hillary Clinton claiming Asif Ali Zardari will continue to be the President of Pakistan.

As far as the question of revisiting our foreign policy with America is concerned, I believe we can only if we were determined to do so. Our problem is we as a nation spend more than what we earn, ask for foreign aid, and then declare ourselves sovereign. Right now, we are in a loss of Rs. 1400 billion and we will beseech the American government for assistance. There are some huge gaps we have to fill, in order to claim, our sovereignty.

It is quite ironic how we ask America for assistance, expect it to help us and hate it at the same time. This is a huge contradiction in our actions and sayings. Once we retrieve our sovereignty by sacrificing and recovering the debts, we will be able to defend ourselves in front of those who treat us wrongly.

We try to deny the truth. For example, we’ve handed over our air and water bases to some foreign countries before 2002 and when APC demands us to evacuate, we refuse to saying we haven’t given the authority to anyone. No one knows when Black Water or the American troops were given permission to enter our land. This has spread so much terror among our people that we now fear a mere traffic policemen suspicioning he may be an agent or a spy. This has never happened in Pakistan before.

The Pakistani Nation is not against any country including America, but we will deal with everyone on our terms and conditions.

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