Pakistan’s future lies within political process

The common man is always blamed for not being vocal or outspoken when it comes to fixing problems in the country. He plays an important role in the political process especially when it’s time to elect the politicians and place them in the senates.

A political party cannot blame the people for not coming out on the streets protesting; it’s their responsibility to amend. In fact, the people should demand through a political party, whether it’s a demonstration on shortage of electricity, gas, water or even inflation, it should be done through a proper channel. The entire political structure plays a role in it.

However, there’s no harm if the common man speaks up. People have other forums now where they can have their message conveyed to the political parties. For example, the electronic media has become very powerful over the past few years, and it is a very effective medium for the people to speak up on. That’s one way for us to find out what the common thinks.

There is no doubt that the future of this country lies in continuing the political process but merely lingering it will not solve anything. In the past 10 years, we have observed Army Generals intruding who try their best to avail legitimacy and when the politicians take over, they have the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th amendments passed to become authoritative. Both become busy in accomplishing their own benefits whereas, the common man is forgotten about.

The most popular institution of Pakistan is the military not the political parties because they see them work and defend the land that’s why they trust them. The civilians always welcome the generals with open arms because the political parties have never bothered to deliver or perform better at all.

I guarantee you, the day these politicians begin to feel for the people and work for their betterment, the civilians will stop welcoming the military personnel and will protest against any of them ruling. It all depends on the performance; people want to see the politicians perform well.

So, the political process will be beneficial only when the politicians begin delivering to the people. The politicians should now learn how to perform. This is how the political institutions will become strong. I assure you all the problems of this country will be solved once that happens.

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