Opposition Opposing; What Could be the Cause? Discussion with Humayun Akhtar Khan


12 people lost their lives in Quetta today, due to a bomb explosion. 4 innocent children killed in an accident in a hospital in Lahore. Changing focus to the elected members of the parliament who have been claiming to represent public and provide superior service have been seen to flinch their stance when Chaudhry Nisar announced a protest inside and outside the parliament corridors. Resultantly, response received from the government was not appropriate. The accusations and comments bombarded were unprincipled as well. We will try to delve deep into the political disturbance being created and try finding out the reasons behind it.

Sitting outside of the parliament, what do you see the evolving political situation as?

I have observed that positions have been clarified. Events have shown that PML N initially were on agreeing terms with PPP but gradually the opposition factor strengthened.

I believe that Muslim League is of the view that public has lost its patience with PPP and its government. It is however appreciable that democracy prevailed for the previous term but even then the government has to deliver, which PPP have failed to do.

Do you feel that the severe comments from opposition are the outcome of election anticipation?

I agree that opposition does not have to be inappropriately harsh but all the democracies in the world face similar problems due to opposition party intervention. It wouldn’t be fair to associate the episode with elections specifically.

I believe that the judiciary is playing a very neutral role. They have taken the legal decision whereas left the political ones to the parties.

How do you define democratic attitude?

Firstly we need to define the role of democratic government before we can start commenting on democratic behavior. A democratic government needs to deal with concurrent problems of the country. Right now our country is facing energy crisis, poverty, unemployment and flaws in foreign policies resulting in complications with neighboring countries. Government needs to aim at problem resolution; it is not about the protocol that comes along.

I strongly believe that bringing in amendments and further remolding laws will not strengthen the situation of our country, for that government needs to deliver.

Source:  News Night – PTV News – 07 June 2012


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