My analysis on the current government and the upcoming elections

I consider President Asif Ali Zardari as an expert of governing the current politics in the country.  He’s excellent at separating from a political group and joining hands with the other and vice versa.   The constitutional amendments, Baluchistan package, NFC awards, etc. all these have been achieved during his governance but this has only benefited the government.

Nothing has been done for country’s benefit or for its people.  In English, there is a term known as, “runaway train”, and if Pakistan’s train is examined it can be clearly seen that it’s being driven without a driver.  The train is speeding, headed straight for disaster.

Ever since the last budget, I have been saying that an economy is not handled the way our current government has done it.  IMF throws money at us every three months in a year and we gladly accept it all, just because we do not want to drown.  This is not how a country’s economy is dealt with. The government isn’t prepared to reduce its expenses, at the same time the public sector enterprises are doomed because nothing has been done its development. 

Every single party of this country says the RGST tax severely impacts the poor and I agree with them.  But none of them ever dares to mention Rs. One Billion we lack.  The one billion we spread hands in front of the entire world.  Yet, we proudly proclaim that we love our sovereignty and it is very dear to us.

People falsely claim that the biggest tax looters in the world reside in Pakistan.  I would like to say that tax would be looted when it is paid and for now it is not being given by the people.

In the recent months, PML –Q was negotiating with the government and has become a part of it.  Mr. Zaradari isn’t responsible if Q-league has joined hands with the presiding government.  This is the main reason why we separated from their government in 2009.  We knew Q-league’s politics only revolves around the historical ‘family politics’ that I have mentioned in an article of mine.   We knew they would give importance to their family members when it comes to anything especially politics.

MQM has a unique way of doing politics in Sindh; specifically in Karachi.  There’s a tough war sprawling in Karachi where ANP and MQM are struggling to expand their political scale and empowerment over the city.  PPP is playing a specific role in Karachi’s politics.  It’s visible to everyone.

The priority should be to pay attention towards the civilians’ and the country’s problems.

I’ve repeatedly said this on the media to ask any of the political parties in Pakistan what their vision is for the country.  They blame each other and the beaurocrats for chaos here but never have an answer to this.  Every political party should be asked what it really wants out of the Afghan war.  They should be questioned about the strategies they would implement in this region after the U.S military evacuates Afghanistan.  They have never thought about it or planned for it, that is why they don’t have an answer.  Other forces take advantage of our negligence and occupy those empty territories – internal and external – because we don’t fine it important to fill them.

My analysis is that Nawaz Shareef is no hurry for the elections.  I do not think the senate’s issue is a big problem for him.

As for the current government: it’s not going anywhere.  If Mr. Zardari is wise like he has been so far, he will suddenly announce for the elections to be taken any time after the 12th of March, 2012.  The element of surprise that is prerogative in the current government will be exercised by Mr. Zardari. Having said that a quick change will be seen the day after the elections are held and the results are announced.

PML-N has to depend on its vote bank; the more it gathers the more success.  The average vote bank for PPP in the country is 25% and 45% is that of PML all together.  The rest of the 30% is the total votes of religious and regional political parties in the country.

The government of Pakistan has only been known to survive.  The politicians and political institutions of the country should be strong.  Then there’s the part where the voter sees how the political parties’ performance before the time for elections.  They inspect the performance of the government.   The criteria whether progress matters or not in Pakistan will be revealed in the next elections.

This is a perfect chance given to the political parties to correct themselves and the country’s situation. Right now the government is saving the country from troubles; it’s not working for its betterment. However, the upcoming elections will bring a tremendous change in the country.

Pakistanis have never brought back the corrupt leaders after they’ve been given a chance once.  Anything can happen in the forthcoming elections.

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