Like-minded group spreads its idea of coalition to other PML factions

I have been asked whether I would be calling out to other factions of Muslim league to merge with us and PML-N, or not.

Basically, it is clear that Muslim League’s total vote bank in this country is approximately 45%.  Pakistan People’s Party withholds 25% of votes which has increased ever since Benizar Bhutto’s martyrdom.  The religious and regional groups hold up to 15% of the votes in the country.  The more we try to break this 45% the more loss we will gain and it is obvious that PML will not benefit from its factions being separated. 

We had been trying to halt the PML vote bank from being partitioned.  Nawaz Sharif also wanted the Muslim Leagues to come forward and create an alliance with PML-N. It was a very unfortunate move that the PML-Q, under the leadership of Chauhhdry Shujaat and Chaudhry Pervez Ilahi, joined hands with the PPP government.

We the PML-HK have been originated from Q-league and we will try to gather those who were once a part of PML-Q but aren’t anymore.

Many of our colleagues from the Q-league are not happy with them and they have been in contact with us.  We hope that the consideration of all faction together does come true.

Now, it all comes down to Imran Khan, from whom all the parties sense danger. He is a threat who may even break the collation and sweep all the votes.

Imran Khan is a friend and his popularity is growing day by day. Now, what we have to observe is that whether Imran Khan’s party is potent threat or not and this will judged when the parliament diminishes and the elections are announced.  We will see how his party’s candidates are and would people prefer to give him their first vote or not.

Until now, Imran has not been able to create an alliance around him; he’s individually leading his party all alone which is not beneficial for him.  He is famous in the rural areas but we can’t conclude as to how many seats he will be taking in the upcoming election.

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