Legislature Formation and Decisions; Who Benefits People or Establishment?


The government has passed a law that gives immunity to politicians. This clause protects parliamentarians and certain other officials from contempt of court allegations. It states that in the instance of office holders performing their duties, certain actions will not be categorized as court contempt. Debate has risen that government intends to protect its own officials, namely the newly appointed Prime Minister.

Majority representation in the parliament is entitled to pass legislation. This brings our country to the concurrent problem. When laws are made to base on the interests of top seat holders, people question the credibility of their government.

The constitution states clearly that all citizens are to be treated equally by law but people feel that only privileged have rights. This brings to the conclusion that establishment system has all the rights whereas common man remains deprived. It is a question that remains unanswered. Administration having rights to form laws is unjust to the spirit of constitution that gives equal rights to all Pakistanis.

Why is law not equal for all individuals?

It is up to us to decide if we want to take the country towards a better future. The previous years have seen few good initiatives as well. Nomination of chief election commissioner, chairman NAB and setting up of a caretaker mechanism are some of such initiatives. Current Government has disappointed the people but major political parties should regulate events like caretaker setup establishment and elections in a constitutional manner.

To state that technocrats delivered to the nation, would be incorrect. Political intervention is very necessary to bring a successful establishment.

Parliament has a right to pass legislation but they can make a mistake. Supreme court acts as the regulatory authority and can determine if the legislation is unconstitutional.

In the 80s liberalization started in Asia. Countries like Malaysia and Thailand started this trend in the 80s and it happened in the time of democracy. Political parties need to build up on their abilities; an example is the manifesto set up by PML. 18th, 19th and 20th amendment has some good implications and the credit goes to ruling coalition.

Voicing cry of change does not gain anything. Now is the time that political parties sit together and settle a line of action for the coming elections and the setting up of caretaker government.

Source: Tonight with Fahd Hussain – Waqt News – 24 July 2012

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