Judicial Confrontation; A non Conducive Act Humayun Akhtar Khan


Two issues have been raised in the present bill contesting contempt of court and questions regarding dual nationality of parliamentarians. Various parties have responded differently, some agree to one issue but do not agree to the other. It seems each is concerned with the issues best suited for their situation only. It is yet a mystery what PPP will decide regarding this breach that has been caused between the administration and judiciary.

Courts claim that they have a right to judicial review, what do you feel about the current situation?

I believe that it is not wise to question the authority of judiciary. Countries take a very long time to strike balance between the judiciary, legislature and executive. Open confrontation will bear no positive results.

When we talk against the ultimate decision makers it is always a bad omen. Negating legislature in the name of democracy is not a very good practice. If democracy were strong enough to deliver, no such issues would have surfaced. Amendments alone cannot do the trick. For democracy and political leaders to be stable, deliverables is the key.

I believe that it is unfair to deprive overseas Pakistanis of their right to contest in elections. 13 billion dollars that are being injected in the country’s economy are an offering of these Pakistanis. If a Pakistani desires to contest the only requirement is for that person to be registered as a voter. My question is, if overseas Pakistanis have a voting right why is it that their right to contest in elections is usurped? Another request is if laws are established they should be applicable to each and every official. If dual nationality is prohibited for political office holders then this should be applied to all institutions of the state

Source: Cross Fire – Dunya News – 05 July 2012


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