Is Pakistani politics changing its direction?

The enormous jalsa held by Mr. Imran Khan was no doubt a success. It was a historical moment that will be remembered in the coming days.

Mr. Imran Khan is now a factor in politics. It is irrelevant to argue on the number of people present there. It doesn’t matter if there was a crowd of 50 thousand or two lacs. The point is he conducted a successful rally. I myself have won many elections from Lahore. No doubt there was current and energy flowing through the city and its people at the time of this jalsa.

Political parties require candidates to win elections. What we have to observe is which party forms a greater coalition. Will it be PML-N or Imran Khan? Which one of these will have stronger candidates? PML-N is one of the oldest parties, and is a part of Muslim League. It has a proper structure. If it is able to create a strong alliance around it will gain more influence.

Now, it all comes down to the people and what they want. In my humble opinion, the people are irritated by typical politics of the ruling coalitions. Imran Khan has never been in the government before, and he has been trying his best to attack the Zardari government. PML-N is also against Zardari’s regime. Only time will tell who gets the credit of demolishing this government.

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