Inaugural Ceremony of Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan’s Book

On 29th, October, 2011 an inaugural ceremony of the book, “Roadmap To Pakistan’s Recovery”, was held in Islamabad. The author of the book is Secretary General of PML-LM, Mr. Humayun Akhtar Khan.

“This book is the manifesto of PML-LM”, he said during the ceremony.

The economic experts and politicians speaking at the ceremony put pressure on the government stating that an emergency on education should be called upon in the entire country. They also added that the budget allocated for education should be increased from 1.8 percent to 5 percent.
Former Foreign Minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri was quoted saying, “The ultimate defense of Pakistan is education”.

According to the author, he has stated various opinions which he thinks can solve most of the country’s complications. One of his solutions in the book is a guarantee to provide employment to at least one person per family, over the entire country.

President of PML-LM, Saleem Saifullah Khan said, “We want a prosperous Pakistan. We want this country to progress.”

Leaders belonging to PML-LM shared their views on the development and further progress of Pakistan. They highlighted the current problems in the country’s economy, justice and security and presented their solutions up front.

Download Road Map to Pakistan’s Recovery (pdf)
Visit Introduction Page of the Book, “Road Map to Pakistan’s Recovery”

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