Government and its tussle with the establishment

The economy of Pakistan is on a brink. Crises such as the industrial and energy ones are not being solved. Right now, the economy is merely being run by printing rupees but when the time comes to pay in dollars, we won’t be able to do that. That will be a critical time. This is why the value of the rupee has decreased.

The politicians in the government are not figuring out how to solve these matters, instead they are busy claiming their position in the government. If the Supreme Court of Pakistan has already been taking a look at a petition on the Memogate, why do politicians have to file another one? They are creating a confrontation with the institutions of the country including the Supreme Court. When the politicians do not have any logical answers they begin to protest insanely.

No one should be afraid that the government will be demolished and will be prisoned. If a decision is made, it will require trials to go through. There is no need to panic because of a petition. Worrying or confronting it this way will make matters worse.

The government of Pakistan is always heard making statements about its weakness against the intelligence agencies and the military. I believe this is a mark of their failure because they can’t control these institutions. Political leaders are busy making amendments in the constitution. They forget the responsibility that comes with authority. When they leave gaps unoccupied, it is obvious that someone else will take over i.e, either the establishment or beaurocracy of the country.

If the government of Pakistan does not have foreign policies such as for Afghanistan, then the other institutions of the country will create them and implement them without anyone’s interference. It is useless to complain then.

The current government has played two roles and they contradict each other. On one hand it obeyed the establishment and on the other hand it complained to Washington asking for help from the establishment. If it wants to play games like these then others know how to defend themselves too.

The government of Pakistan can handle all the country’s issues, inly it if willing to and I can guarantee that all other institutions will become subservient to it. They will appreciate this move and will respect the leadership that will take over.

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