Four Issues One Connection: PML Alliance

PTI Losing Stronghold
News is that PTI is losing coherence. There is also a debate on suspected internal breach and resentment against secretary Information Shafqat Mehmood. PTI’s media coordinator has also confessed that the media cell is so disorganized that it should be disestablished.
Justice Fakhr Uddn Ibrahim’s statement that Pakistanis living abroad should not possess voting rights

Over View
Overseas Pakistanis are being deprived of voting rights as per statement of Justice Fakhr Uddin. It appears to be unfair because these people are perhaps more patriotic being away. As a consequence these people have to face embarrassment in front of foreigners when their own country refuses to acknowledge them as members.

In view of Humayun Akhtar Khan
We have always heard of brain drain from Pakistan. The most difficult problem has been to make competent people stay in the country to serve rather than move abroad and become beneficial citizens to another countries. It should be a policy to not only attract competent people but also make them stay and serve. This can only be done when these people are given the feeling of belonging. Unfortunately such statements by authorities are extremely discouraging and negate rationality given the current situation.

If we want competent people to come back to Pakistan and contribute as members in the power corridors of our country we need to show flexibility, even if it requires us to bring amendments in the constitution. Possessing dual nationality should not be a hindrance to the political process; there are many countries of which Britain and Norway are examples where Pakistanis are parliamentary members.

This directive was stated in 1973 and is being implemented now, my question to you is, how many overseas Pakistanis were there in that time? In the present time of political turmoil we need literate people with extensive experience. If we are trying to replenish the literate sect of Pakistan, the least assistance could be revision of policies to make this transition easy. The first step is always deciding that overseas Pakistanis should vote and then devising a system to make this voting possible. A good option would be to establish postal ballot system that is already being used in the world.

Reasons for the new Coalition
The leadership of Likeminded had two options in mind; it could be collaborating with PTI or Nawaz group. There were a couple of reasons for preferring PML N over PTI. Firstly PML N is the parent body and in all probability it should be a better choice. Secondly public is discontented with the present rulers and would form association with the opposition. PML N has secured Punjab by being the leading opposition.

Humayun Akhtar Khan’s Prediction for Election 2013
In all sincerity I wish PTI well. They stand for change, which is precisely what we want also. In 1990s the reforms that PML N brought are momentous. But the change PTI talks about cannot materialize out of thin air and pep talk. It is very important that we assess the situation right and present rational and realistic solutions. Giving elementary answers to complicated real life issues will take us nowhere. For instance suggesting that economy crisis will perish with the declaration of assets or Taliban issue will be resolved with simple dialogue. I suggested before and will stand my ground on the notion that PML N will be victorious in the election across Pakistan.


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