Fallacious acts doom governments

I have said this time and again that Pakistan’s asset is its people not the politicians. The political leaders have ruined the country and are responsible for putting their own people through a miserable state that we witness every day. The civilians have had enough and want the government to step down.

I see PML-N’s strategy as an attack on the current regime and it has become a real opposition. Only time will tell how successful PML-N is. It is the only potent rival of the government and will remain like this until the elections next year. I still do not foresee an early election in the process. Mr. Nawaz Sharif can have them done only in Punjab. But for early elections to take place in the entire country, Mr. Zaradari and Nawaz Sharif unite.
 The elections held in 2008 were anti-Musharraf. Everyone saw a wave rise against him. Similarly, I see the upcoming election as an anti-PPP one. This time Mr. Imran Khan has a chance to succeed only if he forms a coalition with another party. He cannot sweep votes all alone because he doesn’t have any candidates. Only then can it appear as a third viable potent choice for the people to elect. But as of now he hasn’t been able to have any other party form an alliance with him. On the other hand, Mr. Nawaz Sharif has come forward and has other parties collating with him and is succeeding very well.

As for Mr. Musharraf and his statement on returning to the country on the 23rd March, I would only comment that the parties and politicians will take him seriously the day he returns. Let’s see if he will ever reappear. His statements and plans will then be judged.

The people of Pakistan are against PPP and it will be a mistake if any other party stands against PML-N. The people are observing waiting to see who will collapse this government. They will not bear to see it in power again. Back in 1997, the civilians were fed up with PPP and they voted for PML-N. History is repeating itself again – the scenario is the same as it was before.

The civilians of this country cannot tolerate to see the PPP government in power anymore. There’s nothing personal between the two but the government’s erroneous performance is leading it to its demise.

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