Expected Delay in Elections: Truth or Propaganda! In View of Humayun Akhtar Khan

I feel that any delay in elections will cause immense problems for the government and there is a possibility of administrative and political collision between institutions and government. Public is desperate for a stable administration to take over and in case of any issues relating to elections civil disobedience and turmoil would be brought about. However since media and Judiciary are proactive we anticipate timely and fair elections.

It is expected that PML Functional would join Nawaz league for elections, where similar situation is with Jamat-e-Islami and Ijaz ul Haq’s party. Maximal coalition is to be witnessed through PML N this election.

Line of Action as Planned by PML N

It is the duty of election commission to ensure just and fair elections. Any derailment in the democratic process is bad omen for the current political arena. The team summoned by Nawaz Sharif is an amalgamation of politically enlightened, competent, technically and presently perceptive people, who have assembled a manifesto and road map for superior administrative deployment of the country. A solid practical plan is intact and is to be implemented from day one. Likeminded and Nawaz group have agreed on an 11% seat adjustment. Likeminded has sent nominations for Hussain Haroon, Zafar Ali Shah and Shams ul Mulk to take over as caretaker Prime Minister.

Source: “Dunya Daily”, Lahore, December 26, 2012.


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