Do Amendments favor the Establishment or the Country? In View of Humayun Akhtar Khan


3 important decisions are expected of the Supreme court tomorrow. Contempt of court act 1st contempt of court act. Prime minister Parvaiz asraf was instructed by the supreme court on 12th July to write to the Swiss government by the 25th. On the 24th government has written to the supreme court claiming that the cabinet has not decided to write the afore mentioned letter. The cabinet insists that as per article 90 of Pakistan constitution the Prime Minister is required to have the approval of the cabinet before initiating any such action. Supreme court has returned the application and asked for an answer which is expected to be decided tomorrow.

Supremem court has declared that theres a constitutional breakdown in Baluchistan and no institution including the army or ISI are involved in the region.5 people bench trying to remove this act. Chief justice said it is not right

What do you think of the plea that the Prime Minister has taken to not write to the Swiss gov?

I have been in the cabinet for 8 years and the Prime Minister has complete power over his decisions. According to the rule, the Prime Minister is entitled to all the powers that the cabinet possesses. I believe the cases due in the Swiss courts are different in context and their decision dates are also different so it is not possible to assess what the government aims to achieve by delay.

The problem here is that Pakistan is in a very difficult position and the laws and amendments are being formed to save people rather than the country. Similar situation was prevalent in case of the amend in contempt of court law. There is a dire need for the politicians to take the situation in their control. Events should not be unconstitutional and should only be guided by the intentions of the nations benefit.

Now, the important point is for the political parties to move forward and instead of diverting their energies elsewhere, focus them on issues like selection of a caretaker government for elections to transpire. I insist that it is about time the political parties pay attention to their responsibilities or the situation will be out of control soon.

What is the solution in your opinion?

I feel that it is not necessary for people to trespass into the court’s boundary to be held accountable for disregard of the court. The statements that the political leaders and their workers give on media, refusing to accept the court’s decisions are enough to show their disregard.

I believe that it is very important for the country to move towards elections. It is not respectful for a country when the courts send its Prime Ministers home quite often. We need to resolve issues. A commission should be assembled to deal with the Swiss issue so that the new caretaker government can focus on elections, which is the prime expectation people have of them.

Source: Kal Tak – Express News –  July 24 2012

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