Containers filled with heroin smuggled from Pakistan seized in China

An article in DAWN, a Pakistani newspaper, was published earlier today titled as, “Bid to smuggle 560kg of heroin from Gilgit into China foiled”.  It had reported a recent incident which involved some scandalous men smuggling heroin from Pakistan to China hidden in rice containers.

Chinese officials seized containers that came in from the via Sost Dry Port in Gilgit-Baltistan. The matter has been reported to the government of Pakistan.

The article claimed that Former commerce minister Humayun Akhtar Khan, who had negotiated and signed the FTA with China, concluded the possibility that this incident could lead China into restricting exports from Pakistan.

He also continued saying that trade activities have  never been halted to control drug trafficking anywhere in the world.  He, however, said that it was inefficiency of customs intelligence and anti-narcotics force which were responsible to control movement of illegal items across the border, reports Dawn.


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