Changing Prime Minister; Do we see a change in Leadership Roles?


Raja Parvaiz Ashraf appointed as the new Prime Minister.

How many people in PML Likeminded have adhered with the party and how many have separated themselves from the Q League?

Q league initially had 52 members.

In the beginning of 2009 a forward block was formed of the Q league after the Ch. Shujaat led PML Q faction joined PPP. We always had 8 members out of which Israr Tareen was unseated and Riaz Fatiana rejoined the Ch Shujaat’s Q league league. However, the rest have remained with us. I believe we have not claimed any others than these members.

Does Chaudhry sahab posses a right to disqualify Likeminded or is that not the case now?

Since 2009 we consider ourselves as Q league and a case is still being heard in Lahore High court. We do not consider Chaudhry Shujat as the leader of PML Q. Technically speaking; Chaudhry Shujat has never filed a written complaint against all the activities that Likeminded has undertaken as the Q league. Even now when we have signed an agreement with PML N there has been no resistance from Chaudhry sahab’s group regarding that. However, if there is ever such a reference we intend to contest it in court.

Though it is quite obvious that PPP has failed to deliver but even then as opposed to history we have noticed that the allies of ruling party have stayed with them all through this tenure, what do you think is the reason?

The condition that Pakistan is facing now is not only the responsibility of PPPP, infact the alliance parties have equal role to play in it. If the coalition wanted the country could have easily been pulled out of this condition through elections.

PML N and Likeminded have provided a very potent opposition. The situation is not improving because PML is facing opposition and negation from PTI, which is causing delay rather than being constructive. It is the responsibility of opposition and political parties to avoid circumstances that would make the country wander away from elections.

Government is stable since 4.5 years, the situation that Pakistan has descended to is more than obvious. PML N and PTI should demand considering the situation of Pakistan, to hold transparent elections and a neutral and competent election commission and caretakers should be the pre-requisite

Source: CNBC Special – CNBC – 22 June 2012


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