Congregation for Peaceful Move Towards Elections

Opposition parties assembled on February 4, in front of parliament house to show solidarity for the election commission. The congregation was held to urge the government in moving towards peaceful and timely elections and to favor the Baloch allies in their demand for opposition leader selection in Baluchistan and Sindh.Senior leaders like Chaudhry Nisar, Humayun Akhtar Khan, Liaqat Baloch and Ishaq Dar participated in the peaceful procession.

Source: Daily, Nawa-E-Waqt, Lahore; February 5, 2013.


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Expected Delay in Elections: Truth or Propaganda! In View of Humayun Akhtar Khan

I feel that any delay in elections will cause immense problems for the government and there is a possibility of administrative and political collision between institutions and government. Public is desperate for a stable administration to take over and in case of any issues relating to elections civil disobedience and turmoil would be brought about. However since media and Judiciary are proactive we anticipate timely and fair elections.

It is expected that PML Functional would join Nawaz league for elections, where similar situation is with Jamat-e-Islami and Ijaz ul Haq’s party. Maximal coalition is to be witnessed through PML N this election.

Line of Action as Planned by PML N

It is the duty of election commission to ensure just and fair elections. Any derailment in the democratic process is bad omen for the current political arena. The team summoned by Nawaz Sharif is an amalgamation of politically enlightened, competent, technically and presently perceptive people, who have assembled a manifesto and road map for superior administrative deployment of the country. A solid practical plan is intact and is to be implemented from day one. Likeminded and Nawaz group have agreed on an 11% seat adjustment. Likeminded has sent nominations for Hussain Haroon, Zafar Ali Shah and Shams ul Mulk to take over as caretaker Prime Minister.

Source: “Dunya Daily”, Lahore, December 26, 2012.


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Humayun Akhtar for Manifesto Development; A Superlative Choice

Notable leaders of PML such as Hamid Naisr Chattha, Dr. Arbab Ghulam and chairman steering committee Saleem Saifullah; expressed pride in having Humayun Akhtar be a representative in PML N’s Manifesto Committee.

They stated that financial matters are being run impeccably according to the recommendations by the Steering Committee. The manifesto was required to be as such that would pull the nation out of misery. For the accomplishment, PML is the best executor and Humayun Akhtar Khan, the best advisor. Humayun Akhtar represented PML Likeminded and the leaders agreed that he was an unrivaled preference.

Source: The Nation; Sunday, December 06, 2012.


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Manifesto Preparation for PML Alliance

A 24-member committee headed by Sartaj Aziz and Siddique Farooq secretary of manifesto committee is working furiously to devise a manifesto plan for PML N. This will be presented on the 30th of December, which is the founding day of All India Muslim League.

As stated by the secretary manifesto committee this plan will not just be a pacifier but will give practical plans for the betterment of Pakistan’s future. Upon asking he pointed out that this time the manifesto is being formed with valued inputs from PML Likeminded in the leadership of Humayun Akhtar Khan, which were discussed at a meeting two weeks ago in Lahore.

This manifesto is promised to bring betterment and salvation from the 8-year misrule of former army General Pervaiz Musharraf. Since the party has been in the administration twice they can devise a workable plan that will not only deliver but also adapt to the current socio-economic condition and mindset.

The draft will only be considered after it is reviewed by eight subcommittees presided by senior party leaders.

Source: Dawn.Com – November 28, 2012 

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Session for Superior Coordination Amongst Sections of PML

On Thursday November 1st, 2012 Nawaz sharif chaired a high level meeting of the PML, in which senior leaders participated. The session was conducted to enhance coordination amongst the leaders and establish a common understanding. The notable participating leaders were Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Shareef, Humayun Akhtar Khan, Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Ishaq Dar, Khwaja Muhammad Asif, Ahsan Iqbal, Hamid Nasir Chatha and Saleem Saifullah Khan.

Source: Daily, “Pakistan Observer”, Thursday Nov 1st 2012.

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Political Model for Socio Economic Deliverance

Zero Point by Javed Chaudhry

Daily, “Express”, 12th August 2012

“Right now only one political model is bound to bring substantial results. The astute and shrewd political leaders from all major parties could gather to form one governing body and work as a team to pull the country out of distress. We have a reservoir of honest, intelligent and intellectual people like Humayun Akhtar Khan, Ishaq Dar, Dr. Abdul Qadeer, Samar Mubarik, Jehangir Tarin, Siraj ul Haq and many others who have the ability to reclaim socio economic arena of our region.

These people should be encouraged to form a government and pursue a tenure of 5 years and the political and administrative future will be decided by results. It is about time that all the political parties step forward for the task, otherwise there might not be a consolidation to be called a country in the near future.”

Source: Zero Point by Javed Chaudhry, Daily, “Express”, 12th August 2012


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Getting The Future Aligned

On the 15th of July 2012, Secretary General PML Likeminded Humayun Akhtar Khan met with delegation from youth wing of PML. Some important matters were discussed and Humayun Akhtar Khan reflected upon the responsibilities of youth in present situation of Pakistan.

Source:  Daily “Nawaey Waqt”, Lahore Edition, July 15th, 2012.


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Muslim League Likeminded and Functional consolidating for Success

On 5th July 2012 renowned leader of PML Likeminded, Humayun Akhtar Khan met with Pir Pagara of PML Functional. Both the leaders decided upon joining parties for the elections. During the meeting Pir Sadar Uddin Rashdi signaled that Supreme Court would penalize those who do not remain within the boundaries of constitution.

Humayun Akhtar emphasized on the importance of league parties getting together for the betterment of Pakistan. He explained further that a row of meetings was to follow, aiming at aligning League parties to seek a better solution to Pakistan’s problems. It is also expected that for the League coalition Pir Pagara will meet up with Nawaz Sharif and Chaudhry Shujat as well.

Source:  Daily “Nawaey Waqt”, Punjab Edition, July 5, 2012.


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PML-LM and PML-N move closer to alliance

On the 24th of February 2012 a local newspaper, The News published that the PML like-minded group in its talks with the PML-N stuck to the demand of a minimum 11% quota of seats in the national and provincial assemblies as the two sides moved closer to making an electoral alliance for the next general elections.

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Like-minded group elects new president

Local newspapers, Business Reorder, Pakistan Today and Daily Times published news on the 11th of February, 2012 stating Pakistan Muslim League (Like Minded) has elected Hamid Nasir Chatta Chairman, Arbab Ghulam Rahim new President, whereas Humayun Akhtar Khan would be Secretary General of the party.

The meeting of general council of PML (Like Minded) was held here under the chairmanship of Senator Salim Saif Ullah Khan to elect new leadership of the party for the tenure of next three years.

The meeting also elected Salim Saif Ullah Khan on the slot of Chairman Steering Committee, whereas Kashmala Tariq was elected Information Secretary of PML (Like Minded).




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