Prospective Impact of Asghar Khan Ruling on Elections 2013

I feel that the decision is exemplary but as far as action against indicted is concerned I’m skeptical as it is customary in Pakistan to evade a ruling. It is of eminence here to point out that this particular decision was tried in court and verdict was reached. This does not explain for the misdemeanor pursued in previous elections.

The occurrences of malpractice in 1977, which initiated a movement later, the dismissal of Nawaz Government in 1993, its reinstatement by the Supreme Court and the reaction, are episodes that cannot be ignored. This is just another bead in a string of events. It is not pertinent to treat this as the only case in history where alleged payments were made to deviate referendum process.

FIA still has to investigate to prove alleged involvement of Sharif brothers but looking at the Steel mill, NICL or any others investigations in the previous 5 years, FIA has lost all credibility.

The brighter side of this ruling however remains. It can be deemed as a positive measure in constraining defense, military institutions from intervention in the political setup and the imposition of prohibition from establishing political cells therein, If these cells were ever functional or even existent is yet another debate.

The only pressing issue for today should be a solution for repression Pakistani people have gone through. It would be improper for PPP to raise hue on events that happened twenty years back, since context of public suffering varies each election. Dwelling on this particular case would just instigate questions by other afflictees, including us, on misconduct in each election.

The only positive inference that can be drawn from this ruling should be a fairer and more transparent electoraal system. Aside from the deterioration in public affairs there have been positive advances, an independent chief election commissioner and anticipated neutral caretaker and notable in this regard.

I would stand my ground on the notion that it is a bit unjust to cling to the tampering in 1990s only. Agencies and political people are well aware of the misconduct that is practiced during elections. It is only notable that every political party has been a victim of corruption one time or another.

I would not agree with Masud Sharif Khattak and his party’s accusation of a friendly opposition. I feel that the opposition is PML like-minded and Nawaz at this moment. Our stance is insistence on equitable elections.

It is disappointing that PTI targets PML more than it does the government. At the moment priority for Muslim League is to focus on elections and have the country move forward and out of the tumult that has taken up the country since long.

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