PML-N and PML-Like Minded Prepare for Political Embrace


The Express Tribune published an article, “New alliances: For the PML-N, it’s open season on negotiations”, on July 3, 2011, mentioning the recent talks between PML-N and PML-Like minded about their joint alliance against the PPP government of Pakistan.

As MQM (Muttahidda Qaumi Movement), recently stepped down from the current government, the factions of PML (Pakistan Muslim League): PML-N and PML-Like Minded are preparing promptly for a joint alliance against the government as an opposition.

Leaders of both political parties have agreed to finalize a communion by the beginning of September, possibly after Eid-ul-Fitr.

PML-Like minded is being led by Humayun Akhtar, and two other former federal ministers Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri and Salim Saifullah. This group has a powerful strength of five senators along with four more former PML senators in Senate. There are seven to 10 MNAs (Members of National Assembly) who fully support the group in the National Assembly.

“In the Senate, four senators who broke away recently from PML-Q have also joined hands with us and in the National Assembly there are three MNAs, who, although have not separated publicly, are supporting us,” said Haroon Akhtar.

“We’re closely cooperating with the PML-N in Senate and the recent elections of a leader of the opposition in Senate are a testimony to that,” Like-minded leader Salim Saifullah Khan told The Express Tribune from London.





  1. Aurangzeb Khan

    Humayun – The tragedy of the politics of democracy, especially in Pakistan, is that one has to be part of some winning team. Unfortunately, it may be just any team, so long as it is a winning team.

    The Western, especially in the Jeffersonis…n Democracy that we so aspire for, is the opinion of the people – the polls. Although, any democracy form merely provides an opportunity for change of faces, rather than material, almost none of PML-N could have survived a day there.

    Anyone can change with time. It does not require any skills. On the other hand, a leader changes the swing of time.

    • Dear Mr. Khan,

      The actual tragedy of democracy in Pakistan is the fact that no one here understands its true meaning. Abraham Lincoln was precise when he said, “Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people”. This is what has not been clearly understood by the people themselves. People don’t recognize their power.

      One does not always have to be part of a winning team. You have your choice, your decision and your vote. You choose who you want to see as your leader. The West has learnt a lot from our history and theres as well. They had a complete planning and they followed it. While we don’t have plans for ourselves. The right thing to do now is for us to plan our present to have a better future.

      I do agree, anyone can change with the passage of time, but it does require a lot of strength, willingness and courage. Change is not difficult but it is a challenge one has to take for his own betterment. The same formula applies for a leader as well.
      A leader is just a puppet. People have to grip the steering wheel to control him/her. He does not change the swing of time unless people don’t want him to. It all depends on the people not the leader. The leader depicts the people. So if people want to change the swing of time, so will he.

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