A constituency in Faisalabad

By the grace of God, I have won many elections from Lahore and one from Rahim Yar Khan. However, one mistake I made, that I’m trying to overcome, is not developing a rural constituency. An urban constituency is unpredictable. Therefore, for the past 3, 4 years I’ve been trying to create a constituency in Faisalabad.

The people are in a dreadful state. They are not aware of the difference between the duty of an MNA and a town nazim. All they care about is their problems to be looked after. They wait for someone to resolve all their difficulties.

I know it’s not an MNA’s duty to have the roads built, but we must not forget Pakistan is an undeveloped country. We have a lot of duties to fulfill even if they’re not ours to be dealt with. But I do hope as development institutions perform as they should we will be able to do what we are elected for.

Imran Khan has become one of the latest talks in Pakistan especially after his historical rally in Lahore.  The youth of Pakistan cheers for him because he has not opted for the traditional politics that has been practiced for many decades. He has capitalized on the anti-American sentiment successfully. But he lost an opportune moment to define his vision. He presented simplistic views to complicated problems that his party will eliminate terrorism, energy crisis and many other issues but he has failed to explain how.

For him to succeed in the elections, he needs people to fill in the parliament. He will have to gather people around him by forging alliances.

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